ELECTRIC SKY produces Podcast programs that feature engaging, creative and critical ideas and great music.

PORTRAIT is a weekly, short format Podcast that offers a narrow field of view about a particular subject, person, event or theme, in 10 minutes or less. The theme song for Portrait is Big Foot by Robert Farrell.

LANDSCAPE is a 30-minute program in which individual segments contribute to a more broad view of a subject. Each edition is in the form of a magazine, documentary, or investigative radio show.

You can subscribe to Portrait and Landscape through iTunes , or by using a standard RSS  subscription program.

Portrait and Landscape are very tightly formatted shows. As a result, some audio clips may not fit with the final edit of an episode, and I do as little talking as possible. ES2 is my breakout show; a behind the scenes look at Electric Sky, and more. It’s my opportunity to share outtakes and insights, and occasionally I’ll ramble on about something completely unrelated.